Basic Computer Training

Beta Computer Solutions provides in house training in computer use and a basic computer hardware course in view of skills development. The course will teach people how to use a computer and enable candidates to use a computer to type, save and print documents, etc. A refurbished computer will be supplied to the candidate for his use during the course and the candidate will retain this computer on completion of the course as part of the package deal special. The duration of the course is five days and the candidate will receive a in house certificate as proof of completion of the course.

Description of course:

Learn about the basic hardware of a computer

Learn how to switch it on and navigate to the programs

How to open word and use it to type a document, how to save it and where to find it again.

How to use internet explorer. How to go web addresses and sites.

The above would be a guide as to what the main topics would be, but there are numerous sub-topics that would covered under the main topics depending how computer literate the candidate is.

Basic Computer Course R3 000 (including refurbished computer).

For further information please contact:
Ben Mienie
Cell: 083 535 0954
Tell: 031 465 7699
Fax:  086 535 9281