Young Farmers Agricultural Projects & Programmes

1. Youth Initiatives : 
Engages youth in leadership skills to critically think about their world 

2. Scholarship Programme :
Mobilize financial support for youth intending to study agriculture 

3. Young Women’s Programme : 
To promote the advancement of rights, gender equity and
economic empowerment. 

4. Youth in Trade: 
To participate in trade negotiations 

5. Girl and Boy Child Programme: 
Empower Girls and boys in agriculture and land affairs 

6. Partnership beyond Borders: 
To share ideas, information, knowledge and expertise to 
support practical actions. 

7. The Education Support System: Works to facilitate change in
education and national policy Development about Agriculture and Land 

8. Information Programme: 
To promote equitable communication resources 

9. Economic & Business Development : 
Young people towards the mainstream of the economy