Product Marketing and Technical Information


Go Gecko was formulated due to market demand and the need to eradicate geckos
and their droppings from human dwellings.
The animal species scientifically known as the hemidactylus frenatus is frequently
found in our homes and dwellings near coastal regions, throughout the world.
This gecko, commonly known as the tropical house gecko, first landed in Durban,
South Africa in 1984 from Asia. Within a period of one year they were sighted in
Pietermaritzburg, a town which is approximately 80km inland of Durban.
They have since established themselves in 87 locations throughout the globe.
Although geckos eat the insects found in their vicinities, they also cause great
destruction to other indigenous gecko's and lizards by eating their young and
intercepting their natural food supply.
A common problem found in homes and businesses with geckos, are their
droppings, which fall behind furniture and picture frames. At this stage they are
moist and carry extremely dangerous bacteria, commonly known as salmonella,
which if not treated can cause serious bowel problems in humans and can lead to
death, just by touching it, like any faeces over time a fungus starts to grow on them
as the dropping dry's out the fungus disintegrates and is released into the air in fine
spores. These spores of fungus and faeces which initially carried salmonella and
other bacteria, are then inhaled by us in our homes, which may be a large cause of
respiratory problems, such as sinusitis and asthma in adults and children.
Extensive studies related to this gecko have been conducted by Dr. Cole from the
University of Bristol. He found that other smaller day geckos where negatively
impacted by the Tropical House Gecko, where both species occurred. The smaller
day geckos were impacted by increased parasite susceptibility, he said that it has
shown “a negative impact on the day gecko's body condition, which is likely to have
detrimental results on this species.”
GO GECKO is a biodegradable, non-toxic chemical that when correctly applied repels


With studies and field testing having been conducted we have utilised our
knowledge of the geckos respiratory system and Jacobson's Organ to develop a
product with biochemical specialists that will temporarily interfere with the geckos
sensory reception ability.
Go Gecko is environmentally friendly and Non-toxic, and designed to be used
indoors and outdoors. When applied to an affected area which has geckos, the
product adheres to the surface and allows a slow release of the active chemical
ingredient into the air around the spray site, causing geckos temporary distress to
their respiratory system, this chases them away. Geckos are extremely territorial and
the moment the resident animals are chased away and leave the area that was
recently sprayed, a new male will enter the area, attempting to take residence. In
order to break this cycle regular spraying needs to be maintained.
The product lasts for a period of two (2) weeks once applied. In highly infested
area's more regular spraying will be necessary.


Go Gecko is a silicone based product which encapsulates the active chemical
ingredient allowing a slow release into the air of the area that it is applied to.
The product needs to be shaken well before use, in order to activate the airborne
properties within the bottle.
The area's normally negatively affected by geckos are, alarm infrared sensors which
emit false alarm signals when a gecko walks over them, electronic equipment that
runs warm such as photocopy machines, fax machines, Switchboard PABX boxes,
telephone boxes exposed to the sun, electricity boxes, air-conditioning units, gate
motors, alarm control boxes, computers PC boards are burnt when a gecko crawls
across the contacts, light fittings etc...
The regular application of Go Gecko around this equipment will stop the geckos
from entering into the panels and will minimise damage.
Typically the windowsills, air vents, air bricks, doorways and any other entry points
for a gecko will need Go Gecko applied. A fine mist spray applied to these areas will
be affective. One 500ml bottle of Go Gecko will allow a 60 -70 metre spray line.
If Go Gecko is applied to an area copiously it may leave a residue on that surface.


Dear Rowan

I would like to express my appreciation for the arrival of your 'Go Gecko' product.
My car was getting peppered with gecko droppings whilst parked in our garage. I
sprayed your Go Gecko all around the light outside my garage wall, behind the barge
boards and along the roof trusses inside the garage.
Two weeks later, I realised that my car showed no evidence of gecko droppings. That
night , I looked at the wall around the light and found that we had NO geckos. I then
discovered that the geckos had all moved over to my neighbour's garage light.
Once again, thank you for a wonderful product.
Yours Sincerely
-Andy van den Heuvel
-Caefron Avenue, Westville, Durban.

Just a word of WOW about the product Go Gecko.
I received a bottle from a friend of mine but as we have cats I have never really had
to use it. That is until I was at my wits end with the frogs in our pond.
I have tried fishing them out with a net, put wire in the crevices where they sat and
croaked , put chlorine in the pond , sprayed Doom around the pond but nothing
kept them away. ( I didn't actually want to kill them)
Then I had a brainwave – I saw Go Gecko in the cupboard and thought 'frogs and
geckos are similar' so I fished them out and sprayed Go Gecko on the slasto all
around the pond. It was amazing. Usually in an hour or so all the frogs are back
croaking up a storm. But the pond stayed frog free for 3 days.
As soon as I heard them back I fished them out and sprayed again. Now I do
preventative spraying every 3 days or so.
Thanks for the great product. I am very glad that I have found 1) a product that
works and 2) one that is non-toxic to frogs as well as our pets.
Kind Regards
-Angela Alexander
-DGW Consulting, Kloof, Durban

To whom it may concern,
I have a lot of geckos breeding in my garage, there is one wall in particular that they
enjoy sitting on to catch their prey. I sprayed a horizontal line of 'Go Gecko' about
50cm from the top of the wall across the whole wall and monitored the gecko's
movements. For 4 weeks after application the geckos did not go onto this wall, 5
weeks from application a few geckos ventured back onto the top 10cm of the wall,
after 6 weeks they were back on the wall and were back to their normal feeding
habits. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a problem with geckos.
To Rowan and his team, Congratulations on another well made product.
-Calvin Gadd – The Linx Group

To whom it may concern,
I would like to place on record my findings on the product referred to as Go Gecko. I
run my business from home and every morning when I go downstairs to my office I
find gecko droppings all over the place. My fax machine has been serviced twice
because the rollers get jammed up with the stuff. My walls are also a target and
washing walls has become a regular occurrence in my home.
I received a bottle of Go Gecko and the first test I did was to spray an area around
the fax machine. The results were amazing. Next i sprayed all the airbricks and the
following morning I was met with clean walls. One week later and the walls and fax
machine are still unaffected.
I have a serious problem throughout my premises and I intend to get rid of these
amazing little creatures as soon as I can get my hands on the next bottle of GO
GECKO. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is experiencing
gecko infestation in their home- it really works!!!!!
Yours truly
-5 Haven Lane , KZN

To whom it may concern,
“Go gecko”, that's what my son told me about the product he had sprayed around
the walls in and out of my house, believe it or not the products work is amazing, and
it worked beyond my expectations that's why I would love to recommend it to anyone
who is tired of the mess they leave on the walls and wants to get rid of geckos
peacefully, and enjoy a peaceful night bath, without geckos looking to fall into a tub.
So on behalf of my son, I would like to thank the company which developed this
product and its safe way of use as an animal lover, because it only repels and
doesn't kill and it's non-toxic to my toddlers which I don't want to repel. Thanks for
a wonderful product.
-From Mrs E.M. Zitha @ BB 1690 Umlazi, Durban.

To whom it may concern,
I had a problem with geckos at my home for the past several years. I tried getting rid
of them, I tried several pest control services, they only got rid of them for the day
and the next day they were back. I found a product in the market called 'Go Gecko'. I
followed the instructions at the back of the bottle and applied the product. It's been
three months now and my home is Gecko free. My mother is the most happy lady
around, due to the fact that she is terrified of geckos. I want to thank Chemical
Solutions for manufacturing a product like this.
Thank You
-E. Naidoo
-Stonebridge, Phoenix, Durban

Go Gecko is scientifically proven and registered
by the National Department of Agriculture Act 36 of 1947.